What is covered?

We inspect your purchased goods before handing them to the mailman. In the rare case of receiving a damaged product, or a product becoming faulty within 1 year of placing your order, you can ask for a replacement as long as the damage is caused by manufacturing defect.

What is not covered?

Unfortunately we will not cover wear and tear from normal use, or damages caused by any reason other than manufacturing defect, such as accident, negligence or recklessness. Below are some examples of warranty claims that will be rejected:

  • a phone that has been rooted or jailbroken
  • a product that has suffered physical or liquid damage due to accident or improper handling
  • a product that has been inadequately packed when shipped to us

Making a claim

To make a claim:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject Warranty Claim
  2. Include model name, serial number, and IMEI number (where applicable)
  3. Attach purchase receipt. All warranty claims must be accompanied by clear proof of purchase from us.
  4. Explain symptoms. Photos may be required to help explain the damage.
  5. Please pack the return package adequately with bubble wrap if necessary.

What will happen:

  1. If we can repair the product, we will do so and send it back to you for free
  2. If it cannot be repaired, we will send a brand new replacement to you for free
  3. If we do not have a replacement, we will refund the purchase